Best 4 Restaurants in San Antonio

Our first stop brings us to the Alamo, but it’s not this Alamo. Here’s a hint. It’s a neighborhood pizza favorite. It’s Alamo Pizza on south Zarzamora on the South side. Owner Fred Nunez has been tossing pizza for 12 years. Open seven days a week, the two time Blue Plate winner maintains only excellent scores by health department standards.

Coming in at number three.

The food is always good here and sometimes a hole in the walls and best place to go.

He’s talking about Chong’s Korean restaurant inside 410 on Marbach. Authentic Korean food is what Chung Kenna serves up. She allowed us in the kitchen but insisted we didn’t get near her while she cooked. Chong’s Korean restaurant is the winner of two Blue Plate’s.

What I love about this place is they have their health inspections posted on the front door. Eight times a perfect score, not bad.

Coming in at number two. The buffet style favorite is located in the Medical Center off Wurzbach. Bombay Hall, Indian cuisine.

Chicken Curry.

Shrimp cardamom. I like the chicken masala. It’s very good. To tell you the truth this the only place I come and eat it.

The winner of three Blue Plates and six perfect scores. Management here says preparing family recipes daily are key to keeping its customers.

Topping the list at number one on St Mary street. Burger Boy.Double burger working man.Get some bacon on top? Delicious.

That’s the popular burger order here. A cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. The tiny burger joint sits 12 inside and has a drive through that’s been taking orders since 1966. Our camera was allowed in the kitchen, but we weren’t allowed to reveal the family’s secret and how they cook the patties. Yummy burgers here and one very clean kitchen.

Owner Carl Bates says he’s proud of his Blue Plates that he’s won for having a clean kitchen, but had one request for me.